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As we age, our natural supports may diminish and our feelings of isolation increase. It can be difficult to navigate systems for healthcare, government services, financial assistance or just general information. At CDVS we understand the complex needs of individuals and can provide information and resources to help you through challenging times. There may be resources out there that you did not know about. Resources that we will be happy to help you connect to.


Grieving is a normal part of life. The ways in which people grieve are as diverse as the individuals experiencing grief. For many of the elderly, increasing frailty, illness, loss of independence and the resulting reliance on others can often intensify the loneliness and social isolation.

  • We can provide connection to supports that can help with life's transitions and changing needs.
  • Awareness of and access to appropriate information, programs and services to increase their community involvement.


Criminals often see older persons as easy targets for many types of crimes. They exploit their vulnerabilities taking advantage of their financial situation, health needs or reliance on others to help.


Shelburne police is warning residents to not fall victim to an online pet scam that it says has been making victims out of an increasing number of people across the province. 

“Don’t send personal information. Don’t send money until you are 100 per cent sure that it is legitimate,” said Shelburne police Const. Jennifer Roach.

“It’s a pre-emptive (warning),” she added. “We haven’t had any report of Shelburne residents being scammed in this type of situation but given the current climate with COVID-19 and the scams that have been coming out, we’d just really like residents to be aware.”

In most of the cases where people have fallen victim, Roach reports websites that appear legitimate advertise different breeds of pets for sale. Would-be pet owners send initial payment expecting to receive a pet that never arrives.  

The price sometimes escalates as the fraudster asks for transport fees, custom fees or medical costs before the pet can be delivered.

Heartbroken buyers end up out of pocket and end up without a pet.


CDVS believes that seniors are an integral part of our community, entitled to live in dignity and security, free of exploitation and abuse. While many seniors are active members of society, there are those who for a variety of reasons are more vulnerable to crime and abuse. Education is an important component of living a healthy and safe lifestyle. At CDVS we provide Senior and public education sessions on a variety of topics to help keep seniors safe.

  • We can assist with safety planning for seniors and their families who are living with abuse or those whose wellbeing may be at risk.
  • We assist local police services with Vulnerable People and their families, ensuring that they have the supports and resources that they need.


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